Expecting Twins


Our work providing safe housing for at-risk pregnant women and abandoned babies has grown beyond anything we could have every expected this year. Many women come to us in desperation, often escaping severe punishment for their pregnancies, having been ostracized and carrying immense trauma. We offer them comfort, as well as empowering solutions for their future, whether they decide to stay with their babies or not.

With your partnership, we are providing these vulnerable ladies with safe housing, medical care and nutrition, while helping them see their pregnancies to full-term in safety. We are dedicated to finding effective local solutions, such as tailoring classes and small enterprises that equip them for long-term success. Abandoned babies are placed with caring, permanent foster parents so that they can grow up in a loving family environment.

This project has grown exponentially, with more at-risk pregnant mothers and babies being added regularly. We are even expecting our first twins! We would be so thankful if you would consider helping us continue saving babies lives by making your year end, tax-deductible donation to Happy Hearts.